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Team and structure

Corporate leadership is one of the fundamental elements of Green Marine Europe’s success.

Our structure

Coordination of the Green Marine Europe label is managed by Surfrider Foundation Europe. Its team proposes strategic plans to the steering committee for review and approval, and then implements them.

Steering committee

The steering committee is the forerunner of Green Marine Europe’s board of directors. It is in charge of the certification’s strategic orientations within Europe. It currently has eight voting members representing ship owners, Green Marine Europe, Green Marine North America, and public institutions:

Philippe Cauneau

Engineer - Transport, ADEME

Vincent Coquen

Head of R&D, Energy, Environment, Brittany Ferries

Chloé Taverni

Project manager, Corsica Linea

Lionel Adenet

Technical director, Corsica Linea

David Bolduc

Executive director, Green Marine North America

Michel Ardohain

Head of the Office for the Ecological Transition of Ships, Ministère de la Mer

Laurent D’hoorne

Marketing, communications and customer relations manager, La Méridionale

Christophe Séguinot

Technical director, La Méridionale

Boris Fedorovsky

Technical and Economic Advisor, GICAN

Nelly Grassin

Responsible for quality and technical affairs, environment, safety and security, Armateurs de France

Antidia Citores

Project Manager, Green Marine Europe; Spokesperson, Lobbying Manager, Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Philippine Huc

Project Assistant, Green Marine Europe

Our team

Finance Expert

Florent Marcoux

As the very first coordinating link for the licensing agreement between Green Marine in North America and Green Marine Europe, Florent is responsible for the legal and financial structuring of the european program.

Florent is the executive director of Surfrider Foundation Europe, which he joined in 2013. He has always worked in the societal development sector in which he has been evolving for more than 15 years in matters that include the drinking water supply in the slums of Buenos Aires, the development of education access and quality within the world’s most disadvantaged countries, and protection of the ocean and its users in Europe. These experiences have helped Florent to develop a solid competence in the piloting and management of an organization and a huge appetite for human development and dialogue among stakeholders.

Project Manager

Antidia Citores

Antidia is responsible for the Green Marine Europe environmental certification program. She is facilitating the emergence of this program by promoting it to stakeholders and guiding its operational implementation.

Head of the lobbying department at Surfrider Foundation Europe, Antidia holds a doctorate in law in maritime transportation’s ecological transition. She oversees all of Surfrider Europe’s international and European lobbying campaigns aimed at influencing public decision-makers and establishing a dialogue with businesses. Antidia is the founder and vice-president of the Ocean & Climate Platform. She is a member of the European Commission’s Mission Board for healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters expert group led by Pascal Lamy.


Emma Lelong

Emma, who joined the Surfrider Foundation in May 2020, is supporting the Green Marine environmental certification program development team. In that regard, she is helping to adapt the program to European standards, particularly on ship dismantling, waste management and underwater noise. She is also monitoring the certification process with participants.

At Surfrider Foundation Europe, she is also involved in litigation related to marine pollution. A maritime lawyer by training and graduate of l’Université de Bretagne occidentale (the University of Western Brittany), Emma is in addition preparing a PhD on the recognition of Ocean rights.

Outreach Officer

Romain Benoît

Romain joined the Green Marine Europe team in November 2021 and assists the Surfrider Foundation Europe to develop the Green Marine Europe environmental certification program.

Prior to join Green Marine Europe, Romain BENOIT worked for 15 years for the classification society Bureau Veritas in France, the West Indies and then in Canada. He took on different roles within the group: marine surveyor, auditor, new construction manager and then director for Bureau Veritas Marine (Canada) Inc.