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Certification process

Green Marine Europe participants are committed to continually reducing their environmental footprint.

Rigour and transparency

To obtain Green Marine Europe certification, participants must complete all the requirements of the rigorous and transparent certification process.

Annual self-evaluation

For each applicable performance indicator, a participant must evaluate performance on a 1-to-5 scale using the self-evaluation guide development by Green Marine Europe. The participant must submit the self-evaluation report, signed by the company’s most senior executive, to Green Marine Europe.

External verification

Every two years, the participant must submit the results to an external verifier accredited by Green Marine Europe. The verification process is done in person on the company’s premises unless there are extraordinary constraints. It is carried out based on the documentation provided by the participant in support/justification of the self-evaluation. Initial certification is only granted after a participant’s first self-evaluation results are reviewed by an external verifier.

Publication of the results

Each participant’s results, as well as certification status, are also published in the performance report on Green Marine Europe’s website under the participant’s profile as well as on the Results page.

Continual improvement

As of the very first year in the program, a participant must achieve Level 2 for at least one of the performance indicators. Thereafter, the participant must demonstrate a yearly improvement of one level for at least one performance indicator until Level 2 is achieved for all the applicable performance indicators.


The certification logo identifies Green Marine Europe participants that have met the environmental program’s certification process requirements. Participants receive a certificate every year. Visit the “Resources” page to download the Green Marine Europe certification policy (in a PDF format).

Scope and criteria

To learn more about the environmental issues targeted by Green Marine Europe’s environmental certification program and see all the criteria, visit the Performance Indicators page where the requirements for Levels 1 to 5 for each issue are published.