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The Green Marine Europe program demonstrates year after year its ability to encourage its candidates to go beyond regulatory requirements.

Green Marine Europe requires candidates to adopt practices and technologies that will have a direct impact on the field. 

The annual performance report displays all the individual results of the certified candidates in addition to the overall average and an analysis of the environmental performance for the year concerned. Their progress is evaluated on a 1-to-5 scale.

2021 Results

With a voluntary real commitment by key players of the European maritime industry, Green Marine Europe supports ship owners to move towards more responsible practices in order to reduce the environmental footprint of maritime activity. For its third year of evaluation, the environmental certification program's results demonstrate a continuous improvement in the performance of certified ship owners with an overall average of 2.7 on a scale of 1 to 5.

The certified fleet quadruples

For its third year of evaluation, Green Marine Europe is proud to count 15 ship owners representing a total fleet of 347 vessels. This diversified fleet represents various maritime sectors: passenger transportation, liquid bulk, underwater cables, scientific research. Of special note is the presence of container transport with the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in that realm. This sends a strong signal to the international community involved in transport and specifically maritime services, regarding the environmental commitment of this “heavy weight” player.

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Past performance reports

Twice the certified ship owners!

For this second year of evaluation, Green Marine Europe has doubled the number of its candidates, certifying 11 ship owners. Evolution was also on the agenda in terms of the environmental certification program’s scope, with the addition of an eighth performance indicator relating to ship recycling.

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First cohort achieves beyond compliance performance

Although this is the first year of evaluation and the initial group of certified ship owners, the results already bear witness to their commitment to the environment. In fact, all six ship owners far exceeded the program’s minimum performance requirements for the first year of the certification, obtaining at least Level 2 for one of the indicators.

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The environmental certification program’s success is largely based on its ability to identify and address key issues related to sustainable maritime transportation.