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The credibility of the Green Marine Europe certification process relies on external verification of participants' results.

Professional verifiers accredited by Green Marine Europe help to ensure that the certification process is rigorous and transparent.

Our certification process is rigorous and transparent. In order to obtain the Green Marine Europe certification, each company must agree to these external verification conditions:

  • The company must submit its results to third-party verification every two years by using a Green Marine Europe accredited verifier (see the list below)
  • The first verification is required within the first two years of joining the program.
  • The certification and the use of the «Green Marine Europe certified» logo are awarded only after successful verification of results.
  • Certificates are valid for two years from the date of verification.
  • The verification process includes on-site visits and verification of the company’s documented proof and justification in support of its self-evaluation.

All verifiers will receive training to understand Green Marine Europe’s evaluation, verification and certification process and proceed to the verification of participating companies according to Green Marine Europe’s standards.

Required experience of verifiers

Green Marine Europe accredited verifiers have been selected with the help of a third party based on the following criteria to ensure objectivity:

  • Sector experience – Experience with vessel operations, and/or with marine facilities
  • Experience and accreditation in verification – e.g. ISO 14001, ISM Code, etc.
  • Environmental experience – Work experience, academic experience, training, etc.


Benoît Guillou


Location: Sète, France

Languages : French and English

Experience : Benoit has 20 years of experience in the marine industry. He has served as a chief engineer, participated to the building of four merchant navy vessels (RORO Pax & Dregder) and supported ISM and technical managers in the implementation of procedures, training courses and computerized maintenance management system.

Benoit is presently serving as a marine surveyor and assists marine insurers (Hull & Machinery, P&I clubs) as warranty surveyor and in case of losses, since 2013

As commercial diver (French CAH 1B), he is able to performe underwater surveys (-30m).

He completed his academic background by a Master 2 « Droit des Transports Maritimes », thesis topic «  the dismantling of the vessels ».

Phone: +33 (0)6 10 26 17 01

Email : general@experts-clement.fr

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Marie Sciboz

Organization: CERES

Location: Montfarville / Normandie (50)

Languages: French and English

Experience: Marie, 32, through her seven years as a First Class Hydrographer aboard cable ships, her overseas experience and her global life embedded in the sea, now has an objective view of the global maritime industry. Today, as manager of CERES, specializing in maritime and underwater expertise, she closely leads the different phases and procedures linked to shipwrecks from her expert standpoints of cartography, bathymetry, pollution management and underwater intervention until a vessel’s refloating and finally its dismantling within the framework of environmental regulations. Responsible for the oceanographic part of CERES, she is required to prepare the preliminary studies as well as the final reports that necessitate great competence in the cross-verification of data and information. And, finally, the mastery of all these elements permits her to promote the company’s expert activities through modern commercial avenues.

Phone:  +33 (0) 761 369 912 

Email: marie.sciboz@ceresm.com

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Nicolas Carion

Organization: ECO

Location : Marseille, France

Languages: French and English 

Experience: Nicolas CARION, 47 years old, is experienced in all aspects of shipping and maintenance on board ships.

From seaman to on shore management , he has been involved  in surveys, , salvage , chartering, sale & purchase, repairs, ISM,  ISO 9001 ,new building and strategy .

He created his own business, ECO company, with two colleagues also deeply involved in the shipping industry in december 2019 to provide services and advises to shipowners and industry.

Phone: +33 (0)6 95 30 89 40

Email: ncarion@eco-technique.fr

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To obtain their certification, the Green Marine Europe participants must demonstrate continual measurable improvement year after year, and respect all the stages of the certification process, i.e., the annual self-evaluation, external verification, and publication of results.