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Green Marine Europe supporters both support and encourage the sustainability initiative being undertaken by the maritime industry. These environmental groups, scientific institutions, and government agencies help to shape the environmental agenda and reflect its relevance and credibility.


ADEME—the French Agency for Ecological Transition—is resolutely committed to fighting global warming and resource degradation.

On the ground, ADEME  mobilizes citizens, stakeholders, and territories, allowing them to move towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon, fairer, and more harmonious society.

In all areas - energy, the circular economy, food, mobility, air quality, climate change adaptation, soil, etc. - ADEME's teams advise, facilitate, and help finance numerous projects, from research to sharing solutions.

At all levels, they put their expertise and foresight at the service of public policy.

Beyond Plastic Med

With the impulse of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Tara Ocean Foundation, Surfrider Foundation Europe, the Mava Foundation, and the IUCN, the Beyond Plastic Med (BeMed) initiative was created in 2015 to fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. In January 2019, BeMed became an association under Monegasque law. 

Its missions  are to support and develop a network of Mediterranean stakeholders committed to curbing plastic pollution, to facilitate the implementation of effective and sustainable solutions, and to encourage the sharing of experience and best practices. 

To provide the best possible response to local issues, every year BeMed supports projects aimed at reducing the use of plastic, finding alternatives, improving collection systems, raising awareness, collecting data, mobilizing stakeholders, and helping to introduce new regulations. 

To strengthen its impact, BeMed created in January 2020 its Business Club which brings together companies that want to commit to a plastic-free Mediterranean.


EUROSIMA, the European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, is a non-profit organization that neutrally supports and promotes the best interests of the surfing/action watersports industry and its members. The organization can provide support to encourage new economic development/investment, maximize human resources and enhance labour skills to help innovative companies to further succeed in responsible ways. EUROSIMA fosters dynamic and sustainable innovation within the surfing/action watersports industry by helping innovators to connect with the organization’s network of helpful people and resources.

French Renewable Energy Trade Association

The French Renewable Energy Trade Association (SER) has 500 members, representing a sector that generates more than 166,000 jobs. The trade association brings together manufacturers from all renewable energy sectors: wood energy, biofuels, wind power, marine energy, renewable gases, geothermal energy and heat pumps, hydroelectricity, solar energy, and waste-to-energy. SER's mission is to defend its members' rights and interests and strengthen the links between them, in particular, to develop the renewable energy industry in France and promote the creation of jobs and added value in the country.


The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is a global non-profit organization that help animals and people to thrive together. IFAW experts and everyday individuals work across seas, oceans, and more than 40 countries worldwide to rescue, rehabilitate and release animals, as well as restore and protect their natural habitat. The problems facing animals are urgent and complicated. IFAW matches fresh thinking with bold action to work at solving them, by partnering with local communities, governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses to pioneer innovative ways to help all species to flourish.

Labeyrie Fine Foods

Since its founding 75 years ago in southwestern France, Labeyrie Fine Foods has worked to provide the greatest number of people with access to exceptional products once reserved for relatively few. Labeyrie continues to awaken and delight numerous tastebuds but with the redefined mission of responsible consumption.

Recognizing the need to deal with pressing environmental and social imbalances, Labeyrie is now driven by a desire to share a new passion for food that specifically promotes and encourages responsible indulgence.

Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg - Ministère de l'économie

The Commissariat aux Affaires Maritimes acts as a service provider and supervisory authority for the sector and in particular for approved maritime companies operating from Luxembourg. It ensures, without prejudice to the powers of other administrations, the application of the provisions provided for by law and is responsible for monitoring the development of international maritime law, particularly within the European Union.


OceanCare has been committed to marine wildlife protection since 1989.  Through research and conservation projects, campaigns, environmental education, and involvement in a range of important international committees, OceanCare undertakes concrete steps to improve the situation for wildlife in the world’s oceans. In 2011, OceanCare was granted Special Consultative Status on marine issues with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.



Oceania, an association under the French law of 1901, is based on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. Founded in 2017 by Charlotte Esposito, it aims to ensure the future of cetaceans in French Polynesia through campaigns to prevent collisions with ships operating between Moorea and Papeete, scientific studies, and also by raising awareness among the general public.

Ocean & Climate Platform

The Ocean & Climate Platform’s mission is to promote thinking and dialogue between the scientific community, civil society and political decision makers. Rallying close to 100 organizations across the world (research institutes, NGOs, foundations, science centres, companies and local and regional authorities) the platform endeavours to foster scientific knowledge and promote solutions relating to the oceans in the context of tackling climate change. A leading organization of the ocean-climate community, the OCP enjoys observer status at UN conventions on climate (UNFCCC) and biodiversity (CDB), and participates in the government review of IPCC reports.

MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands)

MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, is an internationally renowned, independent institution operating globally with more than 400 specialists in ship modeling. Based in Wageningen, its nautical and hydrodynamic research is also focused on making vessels, platforms, harbours and turbines – any construction in or on water – cleaner, safer and smarter.

Realizing annual turnover of approximately 45 million €, MARIN combines its independent research methods to provide solutions for the concept development, design and operation of waterborne projects, while also partnering with others to stimulate innovations within the maritime industry and academic field.

MARIN is now looking at nature-inspired solutions to continue its mission of focusing on an ever safer and cleaner shipping industry, as well as the ocean’s sustainable use in terms of providing food, raw materials, and energy resources.

Its own testing is transitioning to using fewer – but more complex – models with the help of increased digitalization and simulations.

Tara Ocean Foundation

The Tara Ocean Foundation, first recognized public interest foundation in France dedicated to the world’s oceans, is leading a scientific revolution: The Foundation has developed an open, innovative Ocean science that will enable us to predict, anticipate and better manage tomorrow’s climate risks. We use high-level scientific expertise to raise awareness and educate young people, mobilize policy makers at the highest level, and enable emerging and developing countries to access the latest knowledge about the Ocean. A veritable floating laboratory, the research schooner Tara has already traveled more than 450,000 kilometers, making stopovers in more than 60 countries during 12 expeditions, carried out in collaboration with international laboratories of excellence (CNRS, CEA, PSL, EMBL, MIT , NASA, and others).The Tara Ocean Foundation is a Special Observer at the UN and actively participates in the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. We want to make the ocean a shared responsibility.

Waves of Change

A non-profit organization founded in 2019 in Biarritz, Waves of Change brings together 200 stakeholders (startups, investors, businesses, local authorities, research institutes, and NGOs) from 5 continents in June for its annual forum and throughout the year in a coalition whose aim, through its collective projects, is to make the environmental transition more collaborative and ecosystem-based.

Its mission and actions align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the goals.

The nature of the projects initiated and supported relates to innovation and/or conservation always to work for the common good.


By becoming a supporter, you will benefit from:



Participate directly in the development of the program (on environmental issues, specific requirements and other prioritized matters and/or emerging issues).


Encourage companies to improve beyond regulatory requirements by having the opportunity to relate environmental issues possibly arising from maritime operations, as well as potential solutions.



Benefit from the visibility on Green Marine Europe’s website, social media, and Green Marine North America's newsletter distributed to more than 4,500 subscribers.



Take advantage of preferential rates at Green Marine’s (North American Program) annual GreenTech conference.


Green Marine Europe supporters both support and encourage the sustainability initiative undertaken by the maritime industry.

A diversified network

Green Marine Europe’s membership – participants, supporters, associations and partners – is committed to continually reducing the maritime industry’s environmental footprint through a process of continual improvement, building strong relationships with stakeholders, and to publicizing the marine transportation’s environmental activities and advantages.