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As Green Marine Europe is both an individual project (each participant pledges to improve its environmental performance) and a marine industry group undertaking, industry associations have a crucial role to play vis-à-vis their members.

In addition to improving the industry’s environmental performance, Green Marine Europe seeks to create and strengthen dialogue and joint efforts between the stakeholders and partners that support the industry in its sustainable development approach, namely: governments, environmental groups, research centres, etc.

Armateurs de France 

Armateurs de France is the professional organization representing French shipping and maritime services companies. Spokesperson for a cutting-edge and diversified industry, it represents 26,000 direct jobs in France. Its mission: to build a framework conducive to the development of the maritime economy and employment in France, in a context of strong international competition, by actively defending the interests of the profession in front of the relevant local, national and international bodies.

Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) The CPMR brings together more than 150 Regions from 24 States of the European Union and beyond.

Representing nearly 200 million citizens, the CPMR and its six Geographical Commissions work to promote more balanced development of Europe's territory. They act as both a think tank and a lobby for the Regions.

Thanks to its vast network of contacts within EU institutions and national governments, the CPMR has been working since its creation in 1973 to ensure that the needs and interests of its member regions are taken into account in all policies with a strong territorial impact.

Its main objective focuses on social, economic and territorial cohesion, maritime policies and blue growth, and territorial accessibility.


Cruise Marseille Provence

An association under the French law of 1901, Cruise Marseille Provence has been the No. 1 contact for the maritime and river cruise industry in Marseille and Provence since 1996. It is supported by a team of 5 permanent staff and a volunteer chairman, as well as 75 members, all key private and institutional players in the local economy. With its combined expertise in port and cruise tourism activities, it has 2 priority objectives: to encourage the eco-energy transition of the industry and to develop the economic spin-offs for the region.

It is supported by the South Region, the Bouches-du-Rhône Department, the Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolitan Area, the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille and the Aix-Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

French Maritime cluster

The French Maritime Cluster brings together all the players in the maritime ecosystem, from industry to all types of maritime services and activities. It is currently composed of more than 440 entities: companies of all sizes, competitiveness clusters, federations and associations, laboratories and research centers, schools, and training organizations, local authorities and economic players, and the French Navy.  The CMF serves its members as a facilitator for the development of their business and the emergence of new innovative projects. It supports its members in the sustainable and responsible development of their activities and projects, in France and abroad.


The GICAN, the French Marine Industry Group, affiliates more than 200 industrialists in the French maritime industry. 


The Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners brings those shipping companies who want to form a united front together in order to protect and promote their common interests on a national, European and global level. While the shipping industry consists of various sectors, the KVNR represents shipping companies involved in merchant shipping and sea towage. The interests of the fishing and pleasure craft sectors are not covered by the KVNR.

La Touline

Founded in 1989, La Touline has made maritime employment its expertise. Career development is an important action for which La Touline has acquired real expertise. It translates into actions of validation of acquired experience (VAE), advice in orientation, and professional development, in support of the professional project.

La Touline was recognized as a public utility in 2010 and obtained ESUS (Social Utility Solidarity Company) approval. For its training activities, it is Qualiopi certified by Lloyd's Register (LRQA), a classification society recognized in the maritime environment.

La Touline also has the status of associate member of the regional public guidance services in the Brittany and South regions. Knowledge of the marine environment and the impact of maritime professions helps to give meaning to the professions concerned and therefore has a positive effect on the attractiveness of jobs to younger generations.

NGO Shipbreaking Platform

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is a global coalition working to promote safe and sustainable practices in the shipbreaking industry. It monitors and exposes hazardous conditions in shipbreaking yards, particularly in South Asia. Through research and advocacy, the Platform aims to eradicate worker exploitation, occupational hazards, and environmental pollution associated with shipbreaking. It campaigns for international standards and sustainable recycling facilities, while raising awareness and driving systemic change in the maritime sector.


By becoming an association member, you will benefit from a number of advantages:


No membership fees

opportunity to participate

Possibility of taking part in various Green Marine Europe committees and workgroups

Environmental groups


Use of the Green Marine Europe corporate logo to demonstrate your support for the maritime industry's environmental initiative. 


Display of your association profile on the Green Marine Europe website. Announcement of your membership on Green Marine Europe's social media and in the Green Marine(sister program in North America) newsletter distributed to over 4500 subscribers.



Preferential rates at Green Marine’s annual GreenTech conference, as well as for the purchase of advertising space in Green Marine’s online Magazine.

Become an association member of Green Marine Europe

By joining Green Marine Europe, associations agree to serve as ambassadors for the environmental program by encouraging their members to join and /or endorse the program and promoting the efforts and successes of Green Marine Europe to industry partners, government authorities and other stakeholders.

A diversified network

Green Marine Europe’s membership – participants, supporters, associations and partners – is committed to continually reducing the maritime industry’s environmental footprint through a process of continual improvement, to building strong relationships with stakeholders, and to publicizing the maritime transportation’s environmental activities and advantages.