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Collaborative approach

Discover Green Marine Europe's advisory committee.

Green Marine Europe’s uniqueness stems from the composition of its advisory committee that bring together the representatives from the industry, governments, research institutions and environmental organizations. These representatives contribute to various aspects of the program’s development. 

The advisory committee is a big part of Green Marine Europe’s collaborative success! The advisory committee makes it possible to highlight environmental issues of particular concern and explore various possible solutions through collaboration. Before adopting a change to the program, Green Marine Europe calls upon each committee to provide its point of view so that a new program criterion takes all participants into consideration.

Advisory Committees

Ship owners Committee

  • Philippe Cauneau, ADEME
  • Nelly Grassin, ADF
  • David Bolduc, Alliance verte
  • Bruno Caillard, BCA Shipping
  • Vincent Coquen, Brittany Ferries
  • Céline Labelle, BRS Group
  • Caroline ROUX, CMA-CGM
  • Chloé Taverni, Corsica Linea
  • Christian Cosse, Cosse Consulting
  • Michel Ardohain, DG Affaire Maritimes
  • Nicolas Carion, ECO
  • Jean-Louis Rodrigues, Eurosima
  • Sophie Chapellier, FRET21 (AUTF)
  • Claudie Benoit, GICAN
  • Aurore Morin, IFAW
  • Christophe Séguinot, La Méridionale
  • Nadia Deckert, OceanCare
  • Colomban Monnier, Opsealog
  • Hugo Plantet, Orange Marine
  • Wassim Daoud, Ponant
  • Ingvild Jenssen, Shipbreaking Platform
  • Maria Tornvall, Stena Line
  • Lise Détrimont, Wind Ship Association

Shipyards Committee

To come

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The environmental certification program’s success is largely based on its ability to identify and address key issues related to sustainable maritime transportation.