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Wind Ship supports Green Marine Europe

June 14, 2024

Wind Ship now brings together 50 pioneering wind-powered ship propulsion companies.

The association is working at local and national level to position wind propulsion as an effective and already available solution for decarbonizing maritime transport and fishing. Wind Ship is part of the International Wind Ship Association, a network of 180 members and supporters, which promotes wind propulsion to the International Maritime Organization and the European Union.

This national, European and international positioning echoes that of Green Marine Europe, which draws inspiration and inspiration from the Green Marine's approach in Canada and the United States.

For Lise DETRIMONT, General Delegate of Wind Ship: "Green Marine Europe is based on a pragmatic approach and dialogue with the industrial players in the maritime economy to accelerate their decarbonization. Wind Ship is sensitive to this collaborative approach, since our vocation is to raise the maritime industry's awareness of a particular type of energy - wind - which represents a key contribution at this time of transition for the maritime sector".

From this point of view, the integrated, multi-criteria approach of Green Marine Europe certification can be a valuable asset in raising awareness of the contribution of wind energy within the maritime industry.

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