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Waves of Change supports Green Marine Europe

December 18, 2023

Interview with Nicolas Occhiminuti, co-founder and chairman of Waves of Change.

Waves of Change in a nutshell?

A non-profit organisation founded in Biarritz in 2019, Waves of Change brings together 200 players (start-ups, investors, businesses, local authorities, research institutes and NGOs) from 5 continents. Waves of Change brings these different players together at its annual forum in June and, throughout the year, in a coalition whose aim, through its collective projects, is to make the environmental transition more collaborative and ecosystem-based.

Its mission and actions are in line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 17: partnerships to achieve the goals.

The nature of the projects initiated and supported relates to innovation and/or conservation, always to work for the common good.

Why join Green Marine Europe?

Green Marine Europe's mission and ambition to guide the maritime industry towards environmental excellence coincides in a very complemental way with the DNA and spirit of Waves of Change. Added to this is the shared objective of reconciling an economic sector with its environment in a progressive, concerted, and positive way, with a view to continuous improvement. For nearly three years, the synergies between our organizations and the natural bridges between our members have made this connection very fluid.

What are your highlights for 2024?

On 24 January, we'll be holding our "ecosystem" evening in Paris with BPI France, at which we'll announce our partnership with Green Marine Europe. Our annual forum will be held in Biarritz from June 3 to June 5.  More broadly, throughout the year, our Waves or multi-stakeholder thematic project groups continue progressing with partners such as Movin'On in sustainable mobility, particularly concerning the decarbonization of maritime transport and modal shift.