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The NGO Shipbreaking Platform supports Green Marine Europe

August 23, 2023

The NGO Shipbreaking Platform is a global coalition working to promote safe and sustainable practices in the shipbreaking industry. It monitors and exposes hazardous conditions in shipbreaking yards, particularly in South Asia. Through research and advocacy, the Platform aims to eradicate worker exploitation, occupational hazards, and environmental pollution associated with shipbreaking. It campaigns for international standards and sustainable recycling facilities, while raising awareness and driving systemic change in the maritime sector.

By joining Green Marine Europe, Shipbreaking Platform joins a network of maritime industry players and experts, all committed to the development of sustainable practices in the maritime sector. This common base in favour of a reduced environmental impact of the maritime economy is a real opportunity to share knowledge, best practices and innovative solutions to meet the challenge of ecological transition.

Green Marine Europe offers a comprehensive environmental certification program, enabling shipping companies to accurately assess their environmental performance in key areas (underwater noise, atmospheric emissions, invasive aquatic species, etc.).  This approach encourages the industry to move towards using the best available technologies. The NGO Shipbreaking Platform looks forward to collaborate with progressive stakeholders to find sustainable global solutions based on the respect of human and workers’ rights and the principle of environmental justice.

This aligns with our aim to raise the standards of the shipbreaking industry, to build and strengthen the sustainability of this activity in Europe and worldwide. An increasing number of ships will reach the end of their life over the next few decades. It is therefore essential to campaign now for the adoption of the best available techniques. It is also essential to encourage research and development into clean and safe dismantling as part of a circular approach.