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The French Renewable Energy Trade Association Supports Green Marine Europe

February 22, 2024

The French renewable energy trade association has 500 members, representing a sector that generates more than 166,000 jobs. The trade association brings together manufacturers from all the renewable energy sectors: wood energy, biofuels, wind power, marine energy, renewable gases, geothermal energy and heat pumps, hydroelectricity, solar energy and waste-to-energy.

Those involved in offshore wind energy are keen to provide answers, based on a scientific and objective approach, to the issues surrounding offshore wind energy development and its impact on the environment and biodiversity.

These elements have been compiled in an educational booklet, ," with 13 summary sheets.

At a time when the French public debate "The Sea in Debate" (November 2023 - April 2024) is taking place on all of mainland France's coastlines, the industry wanted to provide an educational summary of the scientific knowledge and extensive feedback from European wind farms over the past 15 years. Published jointly by the French Renewable Energy Trade Association and France Renouvelables, this publication presents the results of a detailed literature review produced by France Énergies Marines based on data available in 2022 in France and abroad.

"This work has enabled us to identify, in a transparent manner, the priority environmental issues for project development, as well as the ARC (Avoid - Reduce - Compensate) measures already in place to limit impacts. (...) We hope this contribution will be part of a long-term approach to continuous improvement", Jules Nyssen, President of the French Renewable Energy Trade Association.

Because the fight against the erosion of biodiversity and the fight against climate change are two sides of the same battle, the French renewable energy trade association is making a commitment alongside Green Marine Europe to:

  • Participate in and support the improvement of knowledge about the effects of renewable energies on the environment through various studies
  • Share best practices and solutions for limiting impacts
  • Promote communication between the various stakeholders

In 2024, the French renewable energy trade association is organizing :