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Starting signal for the Plastic Odyssey expedition!

October 1, 2022

On October 1st, Plastic Odyssey, member of Green Marine Europe, began an exploration mission from Marseille : 30 stopovers of 3 weeks each, on 3 continents, among the areas most impacted by plastic pollution. The Plastic Odyssey is a 40-meter scientific exploration vessel. A former oceanographic vessel, it has been transformed into a laboratory for the fight against plastic pollution and will carry onboard a small experimental mobile recycling center, as well as a portable space to carry out experiments ashore with local inhabitants over each stopover. Equipped with small, low-polluting engines, it will criss-cross around the world for three years, turning plastic waste into fuel to circumnavigate

On board an ambassador ship, scientists and technicians aim to experiment with solutions adapted to local needs, with inhabitants, associations and entrepreneurs. When on shore, the Plastic Odyssey team showcases locals solutions put forward in other regions to spark action, for example, transforming plastic bottles into bricks to build houses, recycling used fishing nets to generate irrigation systems (to save water in dry regions), recycling plastic bags to produce schoolbags.

Cape Verde, Benin, Mali, Indonesia, Burkina Faso, etc.: in parallel with the expedition, waste management projects are carried out by Plastic Odyssey teams, always in collaboration with local stakeholders.