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SOMARA joins Green Marine Europe

February 28, 2023

The Société Maritime de Remorquage et d’Assistance (SOMARA) joins Green Marine Europe.

Based in Martinique, SOMARA operates throughout the Caribbean, where it carries out port towing operations, barge transport, wreck lifting and special maritime works.

Somara tugs are regularly involved in maritime assistance operations, including on the high seas.

Very connected to all operators in the region, SOMARA has extensive maritime expertise.

The shipping company, which currently has 14 ships in its fleet, has begun to modernize its nautical resources, in a dynamic of reducing its environmental impact.

This is evidenced by the very recent entry into the fleet of the PLIS FOS tug, with a tractive force of 85 tonnes at the hook, the very first French tug to meet the IMO Tier 3 standard.

Gaëtan COCAUT, Technical Manager: “By joining Green Marine Europe, our objective is to take an additional and significant step in measuring and reducing our environmental impact. “