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Portrait of Mario Cabrero, new Green Marine Europe verifier

April 10, 2024

Green Marine Europe completes its verifiers’ team with four recruits. There are now seven auditors accompanying our participants' certification process, proof of the ever-increasing enthusiasm for our approach in favor of the greening of the European maritime industry.

Today, let’s meet Mario CABRERO, Goodwinds Marine General Manager.

What is your current career and profession?

I am a master mariner with extensive sea-going experience & onshore applications, currently sharing my time as director of an IT family company and co-owner of an Inspection company. This company mainly conducts safety inspections, ISM/ISPS/MLC audits, marine consultancy, casualty investigations, pre-purchase, condition surveys, P&I, etc. In 2023, I successfully completed more than 50 assignments. I refresh my training and knowledge every year thanks to different eLearning courses.

What motivated you to join Green Marine Europe as a verifier?

I am very passionate about the sea since I was a child. Any action that seeks to protect the marine environment and the air we breathe moves me more than anything else.

I strongly believe that the people behind Green Marine and Green Marine Europe share my idea of contributing to a healthier world.

Which Green Marine Europe indicator would you say is the most emblematic of its continuous improvement approach?

Ship recycling, ballast water treatment, and emissions reduction are the most emblematic, in my view. Developments in international regulations are usually fairly far-reaching but slow. They aim at an indisputable common objective: the complete decarbonization of the oceans and related activities.

What do you see as the greatest challenge of maritime transport?

The complete maritime, for a fully protected marine environment. I hope and believe that Green Marine Europe can contribute to achieving this highly ambitious objective.