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Portrait of Capt. Saurabh MAITHANI, new Green Marine Europe verifier

April 24, 2024

Green Marine Europe completes its verifiers’ team with 4 new recruits. There are now 7 auditors accompanying the certification process of our participants, proof of the ever-increasing enthusiasm for our approach in favour of the greening of the European maritime industry.

Today, let’s meet Capt. Saurabh MAITHANI, Sustainability consultant.

What is your current career and profession?

My current career and profession encompass roles as both a maritime industry leader with extensive experience in Gas operations, vessel technical management, LNG & Ammonia projects, as well as an independent consultant providing strategic guidance on various aspects of alternate fuels, marine operations, compliance, and training.

What motivated you to join Green Marine Europe as a verifier?

Joining Green Marine Europe (GME) as a verifier was motivated by my deep commitment to advancing environmental sustainability within the maritime sector. GME's mission aligns closely with my values and aspirations to promote eco-friendly practices and ensure responsible stewardship of marine resources. As a verifier, I am driven by the opportunity to contribute directly to GME's mission by assessing and encouraging stakeholders in the maritime industry to adhere to increasingly rigorous environmental standards.

Which Green Marine Europe indicator would you say is the most emblematic of its continuous improvement approach?

Among the myriad indicators used by GME to measure environmental performance, one that particularly resonates with me is the "Carbon Emissions Reduction" indicator. This indicator symbolizes GME's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a critical aspect of sustainable maritime transport. By monitoring and incentivizing reductions in carbon emissions, GME encourages continuous improvement in environmental performance, fostering a culture of innovation and responsibility within the industry.

What do you see as the greatest challenge of maritime transport?

The greatest challenge of maritime transport lies in balancing the growing demand for global trade with the imperative to minimize its environmental impact. As the backbone of international commerce, maritime transport faces mounting pressure to address issues such as air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and marine ecosystem degradation. Achieving sustainability in maritime transport requires innovative solutions that reconcile economic growth with environmental protection, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder collaboration. This multifaceted challenge underscores the need for concerted efforts from industry players, policymakers, and civil society to chart a course toward a more sustainable future for maritime transport.