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One Ocean Summit : 11 new shipowners candidates for Green Marine Europe Certification

February 11, 2022

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As part of the One Ocean Summit, in Brest from February 9 to 11, 2022, the event « Acting for sustainable maritime transport: the Green Marine Europe label » was held today, hosted and chaired by the French Minister of the Sea, Annick GIRARDIN.

While the ecological transition of shipping is one of the major challenges for the protection of the oceans, this event intended to highlight the Green Marine Europe (GME) label initiative and shipowners commitments in the framework of the first European environmental certification on the maritime transport. Mission complete !

Eleven new candidates for GME labeling

On this occasion, Green Marine Europe announced 11 new candidates for labeling – CMA CGM, Compagnie Maritime DMO (Manche Îles Express), Compagnie Polynésienne de Transport Maritime (CPTM) / Aranui Cruises, Express des Îles, Iliens, Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA), MCS Cruises, Plastic Odyssey, SPM Ferries, Stena Line, Transoceanic Wind Transport (TOWT).

Among them, Guillaume LEGRAND, Co-founder and Director of TOWT, Rodolphe SAADE, Chairman and CEO of CMA CGM, Soren TOFT, CEO of MSC and Stena Line, through a video, each expressed their commitment to the Green Marine Europe adventure.

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Candidates and certified reflect the diversity of shipping and maritime services in Europe

Led by Surfrider Foundation Europe (EU) and Green Marine (CAN/US), Green Marine Europe initially counted six labeled ship owners in 2020, then 11 in 2021, representing a total of 85 vessels – Brittany Ferries, Compagnie Maritime Nantaise, Compagnie maritime Penn Ar Bed, CORSICA linea, GENAVIR – IFREMER, La Méridionale, Orange Marine, PONANT, Socatra et Sogestran Shipping.

The 11 certified shipowners – and again candidates for certification – and the 11 new candidates mentioned above attest of Green Marine Europe’s ability to federate a community of maritime sector professionals around a common vision, that of a maritime transport that is more respectful of our ocean and our environment.

In just two years – GME was launched in 2020, the label distinguished itself by the diversity of labeled maritime activities : the transport of passengers, liquid bulk, submarine cable laying, scientific research, cruises, leaders in maritime transportation, a pioneer in wind-sailing transport, an innovative player in the fight against ocean plastic pollution at sea,…

See you in June 2022 for the announcement of the certified Green Marine Europe laureates.

About Green Marine Europe

Green Marine Europe is a voluntary environmental certification program for the European maritime industry adapted from the North American Green Marine program. The European label only applies to ship owners. Green Marine Europe offers a detailed framework for shipping companies to measure and their environmental footprint and then reduce it. Applicant ship owners must demonstrate continual improvement, year over year, in order to maintain the label. The program addresses priority environmental issues related to air and water quality, the protection of biodiversity, and waste management. The program has eight distinct performance indicators.

About Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation Europe is an NGO for the protection of the ocean – its aquatic environments and its users. With 30 years of expertise and fieldwork, the organization has become a benchmark on environmental issues related to its work themes: aquatic waste, water quality and user health, coastal development and climate change. Surfrider Foundation Europe works on a daily basis with key players aiming to defend this common good with the aim of triggering real changes at the heart of our societies. To do this, the organization relies on three complementary action levers: education and awareness, scientific and legal expertise, as well as political advocacy to bring about a deep and lasting changes for the preservation of the ocean.