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Oceania supports Green Marine Europe

February 21, 2024

Oceania, an association under the French law of 1901, is based on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. Founded in 2017 by Charlotte Esposito, it aims to ensure the future of cetaceans in French Polynesia through campaigns to prevent collisions with ships operating between Moorea and Papeete, scientific studies, and raising awareness among the general public.

One of Oceania's priorities is to prevent collisions between cetaceans and ships through a "Sanctuary Watch" programme. The association works closely with shipowners. Since 2018, it has been putting in place measures to understand better and limit the risks of collisions, including increased surveillance of areas frequented by cetaceans and raising sailors' awareness of sailing rules that respect marine fauna. Every year, dozens of collisions are avoided thanks to these on-board lookouts.

The sanctuary lookout project in figures:

  • 614 days of surveillance since 2018
  • Over 70,000 kilometres travelled
  • 3,258 whale sightings
  • 805 avoidance manoeuvres carried out

“Because protecting the ocean is a collective and collaborative adventure, and because the environmental stakes are so high, it's important to talk to people on the ground and sea users to find solutions. The association's anti-collision programme is now a real success for the local protection of whales. These results are the fruit of teamwork and partnerships with shipowners, particularly with the crews. Being able to join a community like Green Marine Europe is an opportunity for Oceania to bring the voice of whales to as many people as possible and to develop tools and solutions to honour the populations of large cetaceans.” Charlotte ESPOSITO is the founder and scientific director of Oceania.

Find out more: asso-oceania.com; contact@asso-oceania.com