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Courage and audacity

March 7, 2024

Karlijn Van de Kamp is Innovation Project Manager at NMT – Netherlands Maritime Technology.

As part of the European and multi-stakeholder Circles Of Life project, launched in early 2024 and dedicated to the environmental transition of European shipyards, Karlijn is in charge of communications, working with the teams from Surfrider Foundation Europe and Green Marine Europe.

From innovation science to marketing to promote maritime industry

Karlijn’s career in the maritime sector kicked off in Singapore at the Dutch Embassy, where she served as a project manager for the technical scientific department. Her role involved fostering connections between Dutch and Singaporean companies to drive innovation.

Upon returning to the Netherlands, Karlijn continued her career as a contract manager at Damen Naval, a shipyard specializing in the construction of naval vessels. Initially, she oversaw projects involving Dutch naval ships before being deployed to Indonesia to oversee the construction of two frigates in collaboration with a local shipyard.

After four years, Karlijn returned to the Netherlands, where she joined Sail Den Helder, a prestigious maritime event bringing tall ships from around the world together while providing networking opportunities for businesses.

It became increasingly clear to her that promoting the maritime sector was not only necessary but also her passion. Thus, she transitioned to a marketing and sales management role at a Tallship operator.

Inspired by the sustainability and innovation trends in the maritime sector, Karlijn sought to be part of the movement to accelerate change. This led her to Netherlands Maritime Technology, where she serves as a project manager for innovation, fostering collaboration among shipyards, suppliers, educators, and research institutions to expedite ecological transitions and bring innovations to market.

Circles Of Life, an illustration of her commitment

One exemplary project, Circles Of Life, funded by the European Union, illustrates this commitment. Netherlands Maritime Technology collaborates with European NGOs, like Surfrider Foundation Europe, classification agencies, research bodies, companies, and suppliers to implement circular practices and reduce emissions across all stages of the shipbuilding process.

Her advice to young women on a career in maritime sector

“If I were to advise a young girl entering the maritime sector, I would encourage her to embrace the magic of it all. The maritime industry is a captivating realm where boundaries, both literal and figurative, dissolve. With a bit of courage and audacity, the possibilities for personal and professional growth are endless."