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CFC Croisières joins Green Marine Europe

January 17, 2024

Compagnie Française de Croisières began operations in June 2023, choosing to return to the great tradition of maritime cruising and the French cruise.

In line with this desire to reinvent this great classic of sea travel, this positioning is reflected in its human-sized ship, Renaissance. With the Renaissance, CFC Croisières is entering a premium segment that has never been seen before in the French cruise industry.  

Philippe MAHOUIN, President of CFC Croisières: "In addition to its complete renovation in 2018 and its embellishment in 2023, Renaissance is a ship originally designed to sail in Alaska during the summer - one of the places where environmental regulations are among the strictest concerning navigation at sea. While her equipment already complies with a more than satisfactory environmental standard, our aim is to make constant progress. This is the reason behind our participation in Green Marine Europe, whose indicator grid is based on a broad environmental scope covering air, water, and soil quality. It also enables us to join a network of maritime players who are ambitious about reducing their environmental impact.”