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Certification support: an example with Marha Conseil

May 11, 2023

Maritime lawyer and logistics engineer, Marjorie HAGOBIAN has worked for more than 10 years in the field of sustainable development. After acquiring experience in the maritime transport sector and a career as a parliamentary attaché (Sustainable Development Commission), she co-founded the National Institute for the Circular Economy in 2013. She then joined the Ministry of Ecological Transition for the organization of the World Conservation Congress.

Marjorie leverages these cross-expertise to found Marha Conseil, in order to raise awareness and support public and private players of the blue economy in their transition.

“In 2022, I supervised the entire certification of CMA CGM. My role was to prepare the Green Marine Europe certification, i.e. identify and interview the referent collaborators in order to respond to the self-evaluation guide, collect the related data, choose the verifier, organize the on-site verification, write the answers, and compile the results. To return them to Surfrider and prepare the language elements for the internal and external communication of the candidate. I have since become a partner of Green Marine Europe.”

As part of the ecological transition of the maritime sector, Green Marine Europe is a relevant way for its members not only to show their environmental performance beyond existing legislation but also to gradually improve it. The transparency of the certification process can be a decisive criterion of choice for their customers, partners, and employees.