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A new partner for ship recycling: GSR Services GmbH

February 15, 2023

Established as a privately owned company in January 2011, GSR Services GmbH offers comprehensive expert services to enhance the safety and environmental sustainability of the global ship recycling industry in accordance with new or upcoming regulations. GSR works to improve the safety and environmental protection associated with ship recycling activities to advance the maritime industry’s cradle-to-cradle possibilities.

GSR provides services for a vessel’s entire lifecycle: advising on the initial manufacturers and suppliers of materials and components delivered to shipyards, to the upkeep and/or updating needs of shipowners and brokers during in a vessel’s operations, and finally to ship recyclers involved in the dismantling. These services include dealing with flag states, classification societies, and remote waste management operations.

All the client-tailored solutions are based on the company’s vast technical and legal knowledge and experience. Well-connected internationally to various stakeholder networks, GSR’s CEO Henning Gramann established “The International HazMat Association e.V.” in 2013 to provide compliant, efficient IHM services to ship owners globally. GSR evaluates processes individually based on a client’s specific needs to determine the most practicable solutions.