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Green Marine Europe's significant milestone

February 18, 2022

Green Marine Europe, a program inspired by the Green Marine framework in North America, has reached a significant milestone by welcoming 11 new European ship owners to the environmental program – doubling the number of certified companies from 2021.

“Witnessing this adaptation of the North American program to European standards and expectations is a source of great pride for Green Marine,” says David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director. “It demonstrates our framework’s relevance, flexibility, and proven track record in addressing environmental issues related to the maritime industry here and elsewhere.”

Claire Martin is Vice President for Sustainability at CMA CGM, a new candidate for the European label. She welcomes Green Marine Europe’s converging strength. “Having more players involved in a label like Green Marine Europe is a guarantee that collectively we will be able to act effectively, » she says.

This two-minute video, featuring Claire Martin and Antidia Citores, Green Marine Europe’s project manager from Surfrider Foundation Europe, explains how the label provides clear benchmarks for advancing the European shipping industry’s sustainability.

Watch GME Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvSsQE_Rm5Y 

“Having Green Marine Europe continue to gain momentum is great news for Europe and the world as it creates opportunities for synergy on both sides of the Atlantic,” Bolduc adds.