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Spinergie: better navigation in a complex maritime sector

May 30, 2024

In 2016, Jean Cristofari (CEO) and Louis Jozon (CPO) combined their expertise in the offshore industry and fleet optimization/management to found the maritime technology company Spinergie. Back then, they had already identified AI’s incredible potential to revolutionize data analysis within the maritime sector and support players in their journey towards improved efficiency and sustainability.

Combined expertise in the offshore industry and fleet optimization

At its core, Spinergie processes massive amounts of marine and vessel data. This data is then analyzed using proprietary algorithms to provide valuable insights through two solutions: Market Intelligence and Smart Fleet Management.

Leading maritime players, including Nexans, RWE, EDF, and Orsted, have embraced Spinergie’s ethos. Market Intelligence helps them keep ahead of the curve in a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. Meanwhile, Smart Fleet Management helps them measure, benchmark, and optimize their performance and operations. This not only improves efficiency but also leads to significant reductions in environmental impact.

Scope and prospects

Market Intelligence, Spinergie’s first solution, combines live vessel tracking with deep market insights, including analytic dashboards for market and vessel activity and an offshore wind forecast. The solution allows users to search and select from over 13,000 vessels according to specs, availability, and past performances. It analyzes each vessel's environmental and operational performance, allowing commercial and operational teams to have more visibility on their competitors and suppliers worldwide.

Spinergie launched Smart Fleet Management in 2021, a full-suite solution that enables clients to monitor and optimize maritime operations (offshore wind, dredging, and bulk shipping, among others). It provides real-time visibility, performance analysis, and recommendations, such as fuel consumption and emissions by activity mode, operational metrics (pax transferred, discharge rate, speed analysis…), and time analysis (delays, time not to count…). The solution allows teams to anticipate and better manage their operations while automating regulatory reporting.

In June 2022, Spinergie's success was further validated by a €11 million Series A funding round. This investment has already fueled growth, with the team quadrupling in size since then. The funding has also allowed the company to expand into other sectors, including tugboats and shipping, and improve coverage of the offshore wind sector. Spinergie’s first offshore wind forecast was recently presented to the market before the 2024 Offshore Wind conference in Bilbao.

Further geographical expansion is planned for 2024 with the opening of an entity in Singapore to address the dynamic Southeast Asian market. This new office, adding to teams already active in France, the UK and the USA will gear Spinergie with a worldwide presence to make an impact. In addition, Spinergie continues to innovate and expand its existing product offering, regularly updating the coverage and analysis available through Market Intelligence and Smart Fleet Management.

Why Green Marine?

“As a company committed to making the maritime industry smarter and greener, Spinergie is proud of our partnership with Green Marine and Green Marine Europe. This decision stems from our firm commitment to stand at the forefront of industry initiatives for decarbonation” says Jean Cristofari, CEO and Co-founder of Spinergie.

Green Marine and Green Marine Europe offer a valuable platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and environmental organizations. As a partner, Spinergie aims at engaging in initiatives that ensure the certification process and key performance indicators are supporting the industry’s demanding need for change. To this end Spinergie will support with its in-depth knowledge of the offshore market and regulation.