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Portrait of Nicolas Carion, Green Marine Europe Verifier

April 19, 2023

The credibility of Green Marine Europe’s certification process is based on the external verification of the candidates’ results following their self-assessment.

As the candidate’s external verification phase is in full swing, discover the Green Marine Europe accredited verifier. Today, Nicolas CARION.

Fifty-year-old belonging to the world of shipping since 1993, Nicolas CARION first worked as a long-haul sailor (oil and gas) before evolving on Ropax (mixed ro-ro ships carrying passengers and goods).

In 2007, Nicolas joined shore technical services, first as superintendent and then as technical director.

“During my childhood and my first boardings, the port of Marseille was open to the city. The ships at the dock in repair symbolized a city open to the sea. Things seem less obvious and easy today.”

In 2019, with two partners, also former seafarers, he created the ECO consulting office in Marseille to continue bringing his experience to ship owners and to better understand the new environmental issues of shipping.

Highly motivated by the technical aspects of ships and their optimization, Nicolas has joined with interest the Green Marine Europe certification, which highlights, simply and explicitly, the advances that each ship owner can make in favor of the environment.

"Beyond the checks, I carry out with ship owners, as part of their Green Marine Europe certification process, this is an opportunity for me to have an open and collaborative time for discussion on the constraints faced by ship owners and their best practices to make progress in reducing their environmental footprint. What particularly interested me in Green Marine Europe is the program approach, much more readable for people than the normative references of the ISO type”.

For Nicolas, the underwater noise criterion is the most representative of our certification. In particular, it shows what the certification can do for ship owners. Indeed, it allows them to identify, upstream, the societal and environmental concerns they will have to address in the near future.

While maritime transport accounts for 90% of global merchandise trade, the sector faces the challenge of combining its efficiency with its necessary environmental optimization. A challenge that can be partially solved with simple solutions, such as the reappearance of modern versions of sails from the beginning of the last century.