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Hovertravel joins Green Marine Europe

June 21, 2023

Hovertravel is candidate for Green Marine Europe environmental certification program.

As well as providing its passengers with a safe and compliant hovercraft service, Hovertravel offers a unique customer experience. The aim is to promote the hovercraft as fast, friendly and frequent, while working to develop this mode of transport in a sustainable way.

As part of this, improving its environmental performance is an integral part of its commercial strategy and operating methods, over and above legal and regulatory requirements. Hovertravel is also making its customers, suppliers and all its stakeholders aware of the benefits of this approach. 

Its application was motivated by the additional credibility and visibility that Green Marine Europe would bring to its environmental approach, as well as by the fact that it would benefit from sharing good practice and feedback from Green Marine Europe members. For Hovertravel, a collective approach is essential to achieving the objectives of Net Zero 2050 and the UK's Clean Shipping 2050 Plan.

ISO 14001 accredited, Hovertravel has three main areas of environmental activity:

  • researching and developing alternative fuel options with its sister company, hovercraft manufacturer Griffon Hoverwork;
  • continuing the roll-out of its new waste management programme, initiated in November 2022, to achieve zero land fill, including the launch of its own range of souvenirs, made from recycled waste;
  • working with local authorities to encourage travellers to use our mode of transport, the hovercraft. The aim is to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of intermodal transport. Alongside other transport operators, Hovertravel is positioning itself as part of an alternative to car-free transport, based on complete connectivity.

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