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Greenov becomes partner

June 2, 2024

Greenov was created in 2021 to continue developing the high-potential SubSea Quieter turbidity and noise mitigation system that was previously supported by Naval Group. Damien Demoor, Greenov’s founder, saw this development as part of a mission to protect oceanic ecosystems with innovations that reduce human impacts and prevent the ocean from turning into a blue desert.

The enterprise is currently focused on for main areas of maritime-related solutions, specifically to:

  • Minimize collisions between ships and cetaceans using, among other means, a collaborative application for sharing information on whale detections, through Whale Alert 2, and through acoustic warnings or an AWACS system for cetaceans.
  • Reduce the underwater noise generated by coastal and offshore works using the Subsea Quieter turbidity and noise mitigation system, which is ready to be commercialized to help port authorities and construction enterprises to find effective ways to reduce their noise impacts.
  • Inspect submerged structures at sea and take preventive measures against biofouling (of ships, aquaculture structures, marine renewable energy installations, pumping stations, pipes, etc.) with a preventive and disruptive technology for inspecting and cleaning a floating asset respectively.
  • Monitor the impacts of port operations and recreational/tourist activities on marine environments.

Having now structured its activity portfolio, Greenov is looking for partners and funding to realize its projects. Convinced that innovation is best achieved by working together, Greenov operates as a collaborative innovation network to carry out multidisciplinary projects, by bringing together laboratories, universities, suppliers of innovative solutions and industry.


Greenov's aim is to raise €10 million by 2025 to accelerate the market launch of the SubSea Quieter system and to develop activities in the United States and Asia. Greenov aligns with Green Marine Europe's ambition: "To guide the maritime industry towards environmental excellence."

Joining the Green Marine Europe network fits with Greenov’s inherent mission to meet key maritime stakeholders and new potential partners to innovate collaboratively in finding solutions to complex problems. Greenov is well positioned to act as a link between research and development activities to propose cleantech solutions to maritime sector manufacturers, with a strong awareness and understanding of this sector’s needs.